Welcome to Mastero Play School Furniture!

Welcome to Mastero Play School Furniture

Mastero Play School Furniture is a world class company engaged in manufacturing Play School Furniture. We understand how kids education is important. We are the largest manufacturer of plastic chairs with desk for play school and children's furniture in India. Every kids are vulnerable during their play school class they require utmost love like home and parents. The area where they use to sit in their school should like nest and they should find comfort in that place for Commencing of education. We are manufacturer of the best suited furniture for your baby's class. Single table, Round table with chairs, square table with chairs, single chair, dual study desk, single study desk.These are made taking in mind for your child's care and comfort.

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Having consolidatory an experience of half decade in the Play School Furniture field we have earned most specialization in production of these Kids School Furniture. We always understand the requirement of children perfectly and design our play school accordingly.


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Give your child professional basic education!